We are Seawards !


Investor’s Verbatim

Fernand Tchouameni


As a former director in the pharmaceutical industry, I am quite familiar with the reverse osmosis principles. The Cryo- Separation technology developed by Seawards is fundamentally innovative and seeks to answer determining social concerns. For these reasons, I wished to participate and support the engagement of this industrial start-up.”

Johann Schwimann


I have full confidence in the managing team, being familiar with their managerial and technical expertise, along with their proven capacity to bring projects to fruition. The water stress proves, more than ever, to be a social and societal issue of great span. A large part of earth population is already suffering greatly from water scarcity. Seawards can participate in the resolve of this issue with its innovating technology, one respectful of the environment.”

Malik Dali


For this investor, who took part of the first, friendly, capital raising of Seawards, the intention was to develop his investment portfolios on diverse projects. “It is a first for me. I was drawn by this project’s ambition. Seawater Dessalement scope is bound to increase as it answers a crucial need worldwide. Why Seawards? First there is trust. “I have known and worked with Hubert Montcoudiol, co-founder of Seawards, for a long time and I know his capacity in managing enterprises and in bringing forth large scale projects, with solid teams. The patented innovation Seawards was also determining as it secures ownership and first use Today, after the first industrialization phase, Seawards aims to raise Series A funding in 2024.

Malik Dali, intrust the managing team to direct and manage the start-up, but will contribute by landing his expertise and network.

“For a long period of time I resided in the Middle East, nine years in Dubai, where I have connections. It seems capital to present this project to territories already involved with these technologies, and have the financial means to deploy it and to contribute to the growth of society.”


Our Regional ecosystem- France, Marseille

TEAM Henri-Fabre is an innovation hub dedicated to the Industries of the Future. It is a technology, competitiveness and business accelerator. It offers companies in the industrial sector a range of services, helping them to create wealth through an original and collaborative methodology.

“We have validated Seanergy’s technology, its solidity and differentiating aspects. Being part of TEAM Henri Fabre will enable this start-up, which corresponds in every way to the values we uphold, to assemble its prototype components and benefit from our ecosystem in order to become an industrial SME,” explains Franck Bocquet, Technical Director of TEAM Henri-Fabre.

Initiative Remarquable

Obtaining the Remarkable Initiative Label means joining the community of Initiative entrepreneurs who are inventing today and tomorrow, who share common values and the desire to build together in a responsible manner.

Crédit Agricole

A bank that boosts the local economy. Seanergy was awarded the first prize in the call for projects “Innovation in the service of the water crisis”. Our goal? Respond to the challenges of the territory and bring out specific innovations, support the various phases of development of innovative companies by a financial contribution!


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Entrepreneurs pour la planète

Entrepreneurs for the Planet, the general interest association that works for the ecological transition of companies

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The largest startup support structure in Marseille

Entreprises innovantes

A selective, technological and favorable environment for the development of your company.