COP28, an acceleration catalyst for Seawards, the French specialist in seawater desalination?

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Present in Dubai with the French delegation, the Marseille-based startup is counting on this global meeting to give maximum visibility to its patented process for desalting seawater, which prioritizes cryo-separation. This innovation positions the young company against existing solutions on this subject, even as the themes of COP28 include the rapid phase-out of fossil fuels and the definition of robust and swift actions.

Taking place in the United Arab Emirates, a region not widely known for its energy efficiency, COP28 has divided opinions. However, the meeting is undoubtedly essential, drawing actors, governments, and experts from around the world to converge in Dubai. Hervé de Lanversin and Hubert Montcoudiol, the two co-founders and leaders of Seawards, are also making the journey. This decision raised questions, as confirmed by the former: “We hesitated,” he says, but the Dubai meeting is a rare opportunity to address a global community that is attentive. This is not to be missed, especially for a startup in the midst of demonstrating its concept. Moreover, the young company is participating in the adventure with the French delegation, making Seawards “a solution presented as a solution for the future,” emphasizes Hervé de Lanversin.


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