Marseille-based deeptech Seawards wins award for its cryo-separation solution

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Pascal Malesinki, Technical Director and Head of Research & Development at Seawards (Seanergy Group) has been awarded the 14th Prix Henry-Fabre des Sciences et des Technologies 2023 for his innovation in freshwater production by desalination of seawater. This innovation, known as cryo-separation, enables freshwater crystals to be separated from those loaded with mineral salts at negative temperatures. A breakthrough technology compared with existing desalination techniques, such as reverse osmosis, embodied in agile, clean and sustainable modules. The Grand Port Maritime de Marseille (GPMM) is due to receive the first prototype in 2024, to determine the technical and economic performance, efficiency and environmental impact, and to finalize the development of the process. The company incubated by Zebox has facilities at the Henri-Fabre cluster in Marignane. Development is taking place in the incubator in Pertuis, Vaucluse. The next steps will be to roll out the prototype and forge partnerships with public institutions and the private sector.


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