Seawards at Euromaritime: At the heart of the changing blue economy


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The Euromaritime exhibition, since establishing itself in Marseille in 2020, has asserted itself as the essential meeting point for all stakeholders in the blue economy. The 2024 edition, taking place from January 30th to February 1st at Parc Chanot, positions itself at the forefront of the rapid evolution of this economy, highlighting emerging innovations.

Euromaritime, at the heart of tomorrow’s challenges

The Euromaritime trade show reaffirms its position in the marine and blue economy industries by hosting its 5th consecutive edition at Marseille’s Parc Chanot. Anchored in the city of Marseille, it has established itself as a strategic destination with a growing international outlook. At the heart of the event, players in the French, European and Mediterranean maritime industries, including Seawards, will meet, putting the spotlight on shipping, ports, shipbuilding, ship repair and future maritime technologies.

Maritime tradition and new perspectives

Marseille, an ancient port with rich maritime traditions, provides an ideal backdrop for commemorating the evolution of the blue economy. Euromaritime’s discussions and exhibitions shed light on how the sector is reinventing itself while safeguarding the foundations that have shaped its history.

Euromaritime draws more than 4,000 visitors from around the world, offering them the chance to engage with the 300 exhibitors present, representing diverse maritime sectors. This dynamic event provides a platform for young companies, start-ups and innovators to showcase their groundbreaking ideas. The goal is to stimulate creativity and foster the emergence of an even more diversified and promising blue economy.

It also stands as an authentic platform providing thematic areas for exchanges and business meetings in various fields, such as:

  • Cyber Security (SEA-ITsecurity) to fight cyber-malware.
  • Research (SEAresearch) focused on discovering future technologies related to Marine Renewable Energies (MRE) and marine biotechnologies.
  • Innovation (SEAnnovation).
  • Depollution (SEAprotect) to promote new technologies for protecting rivers and seas.

Towards a sustainable and innovative blue economy

Euromaritime is dedicated to reshaping the blue economy through a focus on sustainability and innovation. Animated discussions will tackle environmental challenges while delving into innovative technological solutions that shape the future of the marine industry. Positioned as a catalyst for change, this event stands ready to propel an even more dynamic and forward-looking blue economy.


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