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Scientific American : Slaking the World’s Thirst with Seawater Dumps Toxic Brine in Oceans

Rising populations and dwindling water supplies have caused many countries, such as the Middle East, Australia, California and China, to turn to the oceans and other salt waters as a source of drinking water. But…

We must preserve our oceans.

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15 innovations that are good for the planet… and good for business!

Seanergy becomes Seawards and acquires its first demonstrator

Seanergy raises €800K in its first round of financing

Made in Marseille: The Marseille start-up Seanergy invents a technology to desalinate sea water

Seanergy invents cryoseparation to desalinate sea water

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Local Planet : Desalination of sea water as a solution to water shortage?

We must preserve our oceans.

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Making the case of our ecosystem intelligence

ACWA Robotics’ autonomous robot inspects pipes

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