ChangeNOW : taking action


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Seawards joins the 2024 edition of the ChangeNOW summit, the world’s largest gathering dedicated to impactful solutions. From March 25 to 27, the ephemeral Grand Palais in Paris will vibrate to the rhythm of ecological and social innovations, offering Seawards the opportunity to share its vision and help accelerate positive change for our planet.

An exhibition of concrete solutions

ChangeNOW stands out as a driving force in ecological and social transformation, offering an innovative platform for scaling solutions to the most pressing challenges of our time. ChangeNOW’s mission is to create opportunities by connecting project leaders with investors, institutions, companies, the media and all the resources needed to amplify their impact through conferences, workshops and meetings.

ChangeNOW doesn’t just play the role of facilitator, but aspires to federate and strengthen the global impact ecosystem. Through actions, inspiring initiatives, landmark events, and influencing actions, the company aims to move lines on a large scale. The event stands out for its inspiring format and its focus on concrete action.


An event committed to a cause

With over 35,000 participants from 120 countries, ChangeNOW brings together a vast community of change-makers, including thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, companies, policy-makers, NGOs, opinion leaders, media, talents, artists and citizens from all over the world. The company is tackling the 4 major equations for a sustainable world: climate, biodiversity, resources and inclusion. Energy, the circular economy, fashion, the oceans, health and sport are just some of the topics discussed at the meetings organized by ChangeNOW.

Accelerating large-scale solutions

Every year, ChangeNOW facilitates the networking of 1,000 concrete actions for the planet, with a clear objective: to accelerate the deployment of these solutions on a large scale.

The ChangeNOW Summit is a catalyst for successful initiatives. Concrete examples from previous editions include :

  • Blue Ocean Partners x Swen Capital Partners (2018) : Following a meeting in 2018 at ChangeNOW, Blue Ocean Partners succeeds in a major fundraising, subsequently becoming the world’s largest ocean protection fund in collaboration with Swen Capital Partners.
  • Notplat x ID Genève (2022) : The ChangeNOW summit meeting in 2022 gave birth to the first watch case made from algae biomass, a solution that is 100% compostable and biodegradable at home.
  • bettersoil x COP15 (2023) :At ChangeNOW 2023, the CEO of betterSoil and the President of COP15 sign an agreement for an inspiring pact to protect fertile soils, improve biodiversity and combat desertification.
  • Jean Bouteille x Groupe L’Occitane (2020) : The collaboration between Jean Bouteille and the L’Occitane Group, initiated at ChangeNOW in 2020, has resulted in a bulk distribution solution deployed in over 20 countries, avoiding millions of containers.
  • French Croix-Rouge x Kenyan Croix-Rouge (2019) : Inspired by the French Red Cross, the Kenyan Red Cross launches the Institute of Women’s Social Entrepreneurship in collaboration with ChangeNOW, supporting the empowerment of Kenyan women through social entrepreneurship.
  • Plastic Odyssey x InovaYa (2020) : The meeting between Plastic Odyssey and InovaYa at ChangeNOW in 2020 resulted in Plastic Odyssey’s ship being equipped with a solution that significantly reduces the use of plastic bottles, saving over 50,000 bottles of water during a three-year expedition.

ChangeNOW continues to make history by catalyzing initiatives that transform our world, and the upcoming edition promises to be a platform where concrete, sustainable impact is at the heart of the action. This year, Seawards will play an active role in developing these concrete solutions through its cryo-separation water desalination technologyand thus contribute to this dynamic of positive change.


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